May Homicides Decrease, But Still Show DC’s Gun Problem

Even though May shows a substantial decrease in homicides compared to April, it also shows that Washington, DC’s illegal gun problem is getting worse.

According to D.C. Witness data, there were nine homicides in May, 10 less than the 19 homicides recorded in April. May’s homicide number mirrors the total number of homicides that occurred in March.

Of the May homicides, eight were gun-related and one was a stabbing. The homicides occurred in Wards 5,7 and 8, according to D.C. Witness data. The victims were all male with the youngest being 15 years old and the oldest being 44 years old.

The Metropolitan Police Department has apprehended two suspects in connection to the May Homicides. Travis Russell was arrested on June 3. He is being charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly stabbing Michael Hooker, 44, on the 2700 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE. Russell, 35, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 18.

Herman Sylvester Williams was arrested on June 4. He is charged with second-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting 36 year-old William Boykin on the 2600 block of Birney Place, SE on May 28. Williams, 28, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on June 20.

D.C. Witness data shows that 68 homicides have occurred in DC as of June 6, which is six more than the 62 homicides that occurred in 2018 during the same time period.