Medical Examiner’s Lack of Recollection Pushes Trial Date

During a March 15 motion hearing, both the prosecution and the defense questioned a medical examiner and detective in regards to a murder hearing. 

Tony S. Aiken, 48, is charged with second-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting Kendra Smith, 23, on the 4300 block of D Street, SE on Sept. 6, 2004.

During the cross-examination, the medical examiner was asked one specific question by the prosecutor regarding whether the examiner recalled speaking with the detective.  

“I do not have any recollection of talking to a detective as the case happened so long ago, and I was last spoken to back in 2004,” the examiner said.

Defense attorney Jason Tully also asked the detective if he had any recollection of speaking with the medical examiner. His response was “no”.

Previously, in a March 8 status hearing, DC Superior Court Judge Anthony Epstein granted the prosecution their request in adding additional witnesses due to evidence issues that the prosecution and the defense need time to discuss. 

The lack of clarity in this case from both parties resulted in the trial date to be pushed to March 28, 2025.

The parties are scheduled to reconvene for a status hearing on April 28. 

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