Murder Case Continued Pending Insanity Evaluation

At a defense attorney’s request, a DC Superior Court judge continued an Aug. 25 hearing for a murder case pending an insanity evaluation for the defendant.

Lance Ammons is charged with second-degree murder while armed and carrying a dangerous weapon for allegedly stabbing 62-year-old Robert Bolich to death on Aug. 22, 2019, on the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge.

Newly appointed defense attorney Kevann Gardner said the defense has hired an expert to conduct an insanity evaluation.

Gardner said it’s hard to know the exact number of sessions such an evaluation would take. Judge Rainey Brandt scheduled the next hearing to take place on Oct. 22.

According to court documents, the 44-year-old defendant allegedly told police that he saw Bolich and the devil told him to stab him and that he tried to fight off the devil, but could not.