My Summer Internship at D.C. Witness

Stephen Seizilles de Mazancourt interned at D.C. Witness during the Summer of 2018.

When I started my internship at D.C. Witness, I knew it would be an excellent learning opportunity.

The internship provided me with first-hand experience in the DC Superior Court, where I learned about the U.S. judicial system.

Not only did I research the cases I was reporting on, but, to understand court documents, I also spent time researching the previous cases that set important precedents in the U.S. common law system.

While in court, I saw various steps that homicide cases may go through and witnessed various emotional burdens that may fill the courtroom, ranging from family members’ heartrending impact statements to a judge fiercely condemning a defendant who showed pride in obstructing justice.

My internship at D.C. Witness was an invaluable experience that helped me improve my reporting and writing skills.

I found it incredibly rewarding to make progress on these fronts while on a mission to fight against misinformation, and trying to help a community disrupted by crime.

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