My Summer Internship at D.C. Witness

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This internship was a particularly meaningful experience for me because it solidified what career path I am interested in. I have known I’ve wanted to go to law school for years, but spending each day observing cases in the criminal justice system has solidified my particular interest in criminal defense. This summer opened my eyes to the flaws in our criminal justice system, and I know that I am passionate about the fact that all people, regardless of whether they have been accused of a crime, deserve a zealous and intelligent defense.

My summer at D.C. Witness also solidified my writing skills, which have previously focused on academic writing. Writing articles in an editorial style each day was a learning experience for me. I became adept at writing concisely to convey important information without fluff or unnecessary additions, a skill which will be crucial in my future career. I also learned a lot about data and managing a massive database such as the one used by D.C. Witness. I enjoy working with data, and it was fascinating to see the work that goes into D.C. Witness’ database. 

This experience has been invaluable. I have made great friends and professional contacts, learned so much about the criminal justice system, and developed skills that will serve me well in whatever career I end up in. I highly recommend this internship for anyone interested in law, the criminal justice system, or journalism. 

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