My Summer Internship at D.C. Witness

D.C. Witness does a great job of making otherwise complicated information on court procedures more accessible.

My editors always stood ready to explain any legal terms I didn’t understand and compelled me to do the same in my articles using the most straightforward language. 

I also like how everything from the style of writing I ought to observe to the imagery on the D.C. Witness website begs for the reader’s attention but does not sensationalize. As an aspiring journalist, I got an idea of what impartiality looks like. 

Finally, I enjoyed the drama that would sometimes unfold in a court hearing, usually when attorneys came up with unusual arguments to defend their clients. It provided me with much needed comic relief at the end of long, stressful days.

Overall, I am very thankful for my time at D.C. Witness, for the opportunity to improve my writing skills and to learn more about how justice is served in the nation’s capital.