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Over the weekend, former President Barack Obama said that what was needed to overcome our political divides were facts everybody, no matter their political identity, could agree on.  

We could not have said it better. That is exactly the proposition D.C. Witness was designed to address when it comes to criminal justice.

When it comes to fixing our broken criminal justice system there are no facts on which people can agree because there is no reliable data. Official data is simply too unreliable.

At D.C. Witness, we are non-partisan and non-advocacy.  Our goal is simply to bring transparency to the criminal justice system, starting in D.C., by  following and reporting on every homicide and gathering and verifying all possible data. We never attempt to say what the data means or propose policies that should follow.  We leave that to those more qualified.

We just gather the facts and share them with everyone. So now when it comes to criminal justice, no matter what you believe, we can at least start, as President Obama says, with facts we can all agree on. 

If you have followed our work, you know the quality of what we do. We are asking now for support so we can continue. Please consider donating to our mission with a monthly $10 subscription or a one-time donation at an amount of your choice.

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Amos Gelb
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