Plea Offer Rejected in Homicide Case

On Sept. 15, one of three homicide defendants, Tyler Stringfield, rejected a wired plea agreement prosecutors offered in a homicide case. 

Stringfield, 25, Raymond Avent, 23, and Keith Baham, 24, who was not present at the status hearing, are all charged with first-degree murder for their alleged involvement in the killing of 23-year-old Rafiq Hawkins on March 23, 2019, on the 1200 block of Brentwood Road, NE. They are currently held at the DC jail.

Avent was planning on signing a  plea offer extended by prosecutors, however, since Stringfield would not sign it, the plea was rejected altogether. 

According to Stringfield’s attorney, he accepts responsibility for his actions but does not agree with some parts of the plea agreement that he feels could negatively impact Baham. Baham has rejected any plea offers.

The defense was surprised by Stringfield’s refusal and, therefore set dates to proceed with the case.

There is a motion hearing before DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun scheduled for Nov. 17.

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