Police Arrest Key Witness in Murder Case

A defense counselor told a judge Nov. 1 that an important witness in a murder case was arrested for homicide. 

Andre Dubose is charged with first-degree murder while armed with a wooden object for allegedly assaulting 37-year-old Ahmad Simms on the 1800 Block of Q Street, SE on March 17 2019.

During a felony status conference, Dubose’s defense counsel, John Fowler, told DC Superior Court Judge Craig Iscoe that he was told a key witness had been arrested for murder.

The defense provided no specific information about the nature of the murder.

Fowler said the witness was only identified as “Baba.”

He asked the court to disclose the identity of “Baba” so he could contact him.

The prosecution said the witness’s crime was committed outside the jurisdiction of the DC.

He said said the prosecution would try to provide the identity to the defense.

A felony status conference is scheduled on Jan. 24, 2020.