DC Police Officer Testifies at Murder Trial

Two witnesses, including a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer, testified during a murder trial. 

Robert Dean, 63, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly stabbing 38-year-old Tamiya White with a screwdriver on March 31, 2018. His lawyers argue their client acted in self-defense.

During the Nov. 1 proceedings, an officer with the MPD’s homicide branch was asked to verify where evidence extracted from Dean’s home was found. Pictures of the items, which included clothes with blood stains on them, were admitted into evidence. 

An audio interview between the officer and Dean was also admitted into evidence. In the recording, Dean can be heard saying, “I didn’t want her to die.” The officer is heard responding with, “regardless of whether or not it was self-defense I’m sure it must be nice to finally get that off your chest.” 

Text messages between Dean and White were admitted into evidence. In the messages, Dean was upset that she apparently kicked him out of her apartment, despite having paid her $450 for rent.

A DNA analyst from Bode Technology, the largest private forensic DNA lab in the U.S., also took the stand. He said White’s fingernail clippings contained a significant amount of male DNA.

The trial will continue for closing arguments on Nov. 2.