Probable Cause Found in Co-Defendant Stabbing Homicide

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On Oct. 17, DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun found that a homicide case against two co-defendants has enough evidence to go to trial.

Lewis Jones, 27, is charged with first-degree murder while armed, felony murder and second-degree murder while armed, along with his co-defendant Nichelle Thomas, 27, who is charged with felony murder while armed, obstructing justice of a witness or officer, and accessory after the fact, for their alleged involvement in the fatal stabbing of 42-year-old Anthony Jordan on Aug. 4, on the 2500 Block of Pomeroy Road, SE.

The prosecution began by calling the lead Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) detective who testified there were blood droplets in several areas in the bedroom of the apartment where the murder occurred. Also, he said he recovered clothing from the scene similar to the clothing worn by the defendants when they allegedly disposed of Jordan’s body.

To support their argument, the prosecution played surveillance footage showing Jones and Thomas allegedly carrying a suitcase with Jordan’s body in it down the steps of their apartment building, and dropping it next to a dumpster. The detective testified that an eyewitness, who lived in the apartment at the time, explained the suitcase appeared to be “dripping with blood”. 

According to the detective, the witness said that after the stabbing, Thomas was attempting to persuade her what to tell police, and coerce her to draw attention away from the defendants. The witness was reportedly in the bedroom with Jordan when Jones allegedly stabbed him. 

The detective admitted the crime scene was not secured during the initial investigation. Roderick Thompson, Jones’ defense attorney, asked the detective about who had access to the crime scene at that time. 

The detective explained that Jordan’s family had been there briefly in between the search warrants, which were roughly two hours apart. When Thompson asked if the authenticity of the blood that was found on the scene was tested, the detective said not to his knowledge.

During additional cross examination, Thomas’ defense attorney, Alvin Thomas, questioned the detective about his interviews with the defendants. The detective testified that the defendants told him that the witness had asked Jones to beat Jordan up earlier that same day. 

According to the detective, there had been previous altercations between the witness and Jordan, and  Alvin Thomas said the defendants may have been trying to assist the witness,

Judge Okun ruled that, for Jones’ case, there is probable cause for second degree murder while armed, but not for felony murder while armed. 

He further ruled that there is sufficient probable cause in Thomas’  case for obstruction of justice and accessory after the fact, but not for felony murder while armed. 

Following the probable cause ruling, counsel for both defendants asked if their clients could be released pending trial.

Judge Okun detained Jones. The judge stated that “the nature of the offense is pretty horrific” and that Jordan was “disposed of like trash”. 

Judge Okun decided to release Thomas under home confinement, saying that “the nature of her offense weighs in favor of release”. 

Parties are expected back on Dec. 12. 

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