Probable Cause Found In Shooting Homicide

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On Nov. 16, DC Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt found probable cause in a homicide case. 

Iesha Marks, 29, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for her alleged involvement in the fatal shooting of 46-year-old Donald Childs that occurred July 30, on the 100 block of Farragut Street, NW. 

Earlier prosecutors called a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) detective who testified that an individual, identified as Marks, was involved in a dispute in an alleyway. She got into a black Toyota Camry’s passenger side, and the car drove away. 

According to the detective, that same vehicle returned 20 minutes later, and an individual sitting inside fatally shot Childs. The detective’s testimony was backed by surveillance footage.

Judge Brandt stated the evidence “overwhelmingly points to Marks as the shooter.”

She also stated that there are alley surveillance videos where gunshots are heard and Marks is allegedly seen getting in a black Toyota Camry after the gunfire. In the videos an individual is seen wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts consistent with clothes found in the trash can at Marks’ apartment.

In a video allegedly from Marks’ phone a firearm is in her lap.

Judge Brandt also stated that there is a consciousness of guilt argument in that it appeared Marks was returning to the scene of the crime looking for information.

She added that there is nothing that supports self-defense at this time and that the crime was premeditated.

Marks’ defense attorney, Dana Page, asked the court that Marks be released on home confinement as she has two young children. Page added that Marks has a bachelor’s degree and was in a master’s program at the time of the incident. She also explained that Marks has mental health problems and would be able to get the treatment she needs if released.

Page stated that Marks has family support and is not a flight risk. 

The prosecution wanted Marks detained because she presents a danger to the community. She is alleged to have opened fire in a busy intersection on a Sunday afternoon in broad daylight. The prosecution added that she has two previous incidents involving a gun and a misdemeanor case while on probation. 

Judge Brandt said, “Loss of human life is as egregious as it gets,” and Marks’ “shooting was bracingly reckless.” And added, “The weight of the government’s evidence is strong.”

The judge found that there is no condition or combination of conditions where Marks would not pose a threat to the community; therefore she will remain detained. 

A felony status conference is scheduled for Jan. 19.

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