Proceedings Delayed for Mental Evaluation in Sex Abuse Trial

During a Sept. 6 hearing, parties requested more time to evaluate the defendant’s ability to understand a plea bargain.

The 65-year-old defendant is charged with second-degree child sex abuse for allegedly sexually assaulting his wife’s 15-year-old granddaughter. According to court documents, this incident occurred in his home, where he inappropriately touched her breasts and vagina.

The complainant reported the incident almost a year after the assault occurred. She told officers that she hesitated because she “didn’t want to be a victim.”

According to court documents, the defendant told the officers when interviewed that he may have been drinking heavily at the time of the incident, as he drank frequently over that period.

Defense attorney Molly Bunke and the prosecution submitted a joint request for more time to continue evaluating the defendant’s mental state.

The prosecution said counsel is discussing plea bargains but needs to confirm the defendant understood fully before agreeing to any deal.

DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun granted the request.

The next hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26.