Prosecution Expects Murder Indictment Soon

A prosecutor in a murder case said he would have an indictment before the 90-day deadline. 

Hilman Jordan, also known as Bobby Jordan, is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting 64-year-old Jawaid Bhutto on the 2600 block of Wade Road, SE on March 1. A nearby security camera recorded the murder, according to court documents.

uring a felony status hearing on Oct. 4, Anthony Matthews, Jordan’s defense attorney, said he wasn’t sure why the prosecution hasn’t already indicted Jordan, 46, since there is a video of the crime. 

Matthews said that he and the prosecution are working on a plea deal, but neither side is willing to agree on the other side’s terms.  “We’re not even in the same universe,” Matthews told DC Superior Court Judge Milton C. Lee

Matthews indicated that he would know if his client might take a plea shortly after the indictment. 

The prosecution said an indictment would be obtained before the 9-month deadline. The deadline for the indictment is in early December. 

Jordan’s arraignment is scheduled on Dec. 4.