Prosecution Requests More Time for DNA Results

During a status hearing on Oct. 11, the prosecution requested more time for DNA results to come in. 

Robert Moses and James Mayfield are charged with first-degree murder while armed for their alleged involvement in the death of Jamahri Sydnor on the 1400 block of Saratoga Avenue, NE in 2017. The co-defendants are also charged with assault with the intent to kill, aggravated assault while armed, conspiracy while armed and possession of a firearm during a crime of violence. Moses is charged with obstruction of justice. 

The prosecution is scheduled to receive the DNA results on Oct. 21.The hearing is scheduled to resume on Oct. 25.

Defense attorney Kevin McCants did not object to rescheduling the hearing to Oct. 25.  

Moses, 20, and Mayfield, 19, allegedly fired more than ten shots at individuals at the intersection of Saratoga and Montana Avenue, NE, court documents state. Sydnor, 17, was an unintended target, struck by a bullet while driving through the intersection. Sydnor’s passenger, her 12-year-old cousin, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Three other bystanders were also wounded during the shootout.

The shooting is believed to be the result of an on-going feud between young men from the Langston and Saratoga neighborhoods, according to the police.

Sydnor was a recent graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, who was set to attend Florida A&M University in the fall of 2017, news reports state. She was also the daughter of a DC police officer.

Philip Carlos McDaniel, 22, who is charged with assault with the intent to kill while armed in connection to the case, is scheduled for a status hearing on Feb. 13, 2020. He is still awaiting a preliminary hearing.

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