Prosecutor Describes Harassment Woman Suffered During Sentencing of Domestic Violence Defendant

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A domestic violence defendant was sentenced for first-degree unlawful publication, stalking and threats to do bodily harm.

Carlton Robertson entered the courtroom late for his sentencing on March 14 and took a seat.

The prosecutor described the repeated harassment the victim suffered. The defendant posted videos of her online and people would walk up to her to ask about them, he said.

The victim did not offer a statement because she does not want to be questioned about what happened to her anymore, instead simply wanting to be left in her own peace. 

Judge Rainey Brandt asked public defender Thomas Healy if any of his client’s friends have been contacting the victim. Healy denied this but said other random people were bothering her. Her phone number and address have been leaked onto social media in the past.

In a recorded statement, Robertson said he would never engage in this behavior again. Judge Brandt said she is not having him locked up because the victim wanted to show mercy. She imposed suspended sentences for all three charges, to be followed by a period of supervised probation.

The prosecutor recommended the defendant be ordered to receive anger management treatment and abide by a stay away order from the victim and her family. The defense found it redundant to include her family, but the prosecution wanted to ensure that they were not bothered by the defendant.

The defense asked Judge Brandt to impose the Youth Rehabilitation Act, as it has helped other people during probation. The YRA would allow Robertson’s case to be sealed if he successfully completes his sentence.

Judge Brandt assessed the circumstances of the case, including the nature of the offense as well as the defendant’s young age and minimal criminal history score. She said she could not fathom a circumstance where these types of charges are masked from the community, pointing out that the victim had information about her put on a public forum. Judge Brandt also noted that the defendant already has a criminal case on his record. The YRA request was denied without prejudice.

It took planning and initiative for the defendant to commit this crime, Judge Brandt noted. The offense tarnished the victim’s image, threatened her family and troubled her peace of mind.

Robertson received a one-year suspended sentence for the unlawful publication and stalking charges and a six-month suspended sentence for the threats charge. Judge Brandt warned the defendant that she is giving him an incentive, but if he is in violation of his probation, he will get 24 months of jail time. 

Conditions of Robertson’s probation include abiding by the stay away order, receiving a mental health evaluation and refraining from the use of illegal drugs and marijuana.

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