Prosecutor Gives Update on Indictment Progress in Murder Case as Defense Requests Release

A defense attorney in a murder case requested his client’s release from DC Jail, citing the facility’s conditions as well as the lack of an indictment more than 17 months after the defendant’s arrest.

Glen Dolford is charged with first-degree murder while armed in the death of Raheem Murray. On the afternoon of Feb. 2, 2020, Metropolitan Police Department officers found 26-year-old Murray on the 4300 block of 3rd Street, SE, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his head and body. Another individual was taken to the hospital in critical condition, having sustained multiple gunshot wounds. A third victim also went to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the arm and buttocks, according to court documents.

The prosecutor said she hopes to indict the 28-year-old defendant by the beginning of February. She wanted to complete the process sooner, but witnesses had multiple cancellations due to COVID exposure. 

While discussing his request for Dolford’s release, defense attorney Stephen Brennwald informed DC Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz that his client is on parole in Maryland for a weapons offense. He said Dolford could resolve the arrest warrant that was issued in that case if he is released. 

Brennwald was unsure if the warrant was issued due to the rearrest or a technical violation.

The prosecutor said she did not anticipate release arguments taking place during the Dec. 10 hearing and asked for time to file something in writing. Judge Kravitz agreed to the request and instructed Brennwald to submit a written release motion.

Parties are slated to reconvene for a felony status conference on Feb. 8.