Prosecutor Tries to Pin Third Charge on Murder Suspect

On Jan. 29, a prosecutor tried to connect a murder defendant to an additional crime that took place around the same time he allegedly committed a murder. 

Joseph Melton, 51, a resident of Southeast DC, was charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly stabbing Kevin Chamberlain, 48, on the 2400 block of Virginia Avenue, NW on Jan. 14.  According to a press release, he was also charged with assault with the intent to kill with a knife for another incident that occurred earlier that same day. 

DC Superior Court Judge Danya Dayson found probable cause that Melton committed the murder and the assault because of a description that a witness gave of the defendant to  9-1-1.  

Judge Dayson did not find probable cause for a third assault the prosecution tried to charge Melton with, which occurred in the same area, on the same day within the same time frame.

During the preliminary hearing, the prosecutor showed a video recording of a person, who is believed to be the defendant, attacking one of the victims. The prosecutor also showed a picture of the weapon that was allegedly used to attack the victim.

Melton’s defense attorney, Joseph Wong, requested that the prosecutor turn in the body camera footage that had content in regards to Melton’s case. Wong said he believed the person identified on the video looked different from the physical description of Melton. 

Judge Dayson scheduled a felony status conference for May 1 to discuss footage’s content.

This article was written by Naysha Carrasquillo