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2023 will mark the 8th year that D.C. Witness has brought unprecedented reporting and data transparency to DC’s criminal justice system. 

Along the way, we have pioneered a new kind of crime reporting, jettisoning traditional “if it bleeds it leads” reporting for equal coverage of every stage of every step in homicide cases. We recently added sexual assault, domestic violence and non-fatal shooting cases.

2023 will see yet more innovations from us. A first of its kind automated, push notification system that will allow those traumatized by violent crime to follow their cases and a newsletter/dashboard that will allow us to bring real-time data to the neighborhood level.  These will have a direct impact on individuals otherwise not served in the city.

We have had amazing supporters in the city but, to be honest, we need a few more.

I know you are inundated by donation requests as the holidays approach, but we are looking for just 100 of our readers to give $20. If you find value in what we are doing please consider a donation of any kind. We are just a few thousand short of a generous match that will double that money. 

Please help us continue the fight.

Many thanks and happy holidays.

Amos Gelb


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