Sexual Assualt Defendant Put on Home Confinment

D.C. Superior Court Judge Rainey Brandt found probable cause for a defendant charged with sexual assault. 

The 18-year-old defendant is charged with fourth degree sexual assault and robbery. 

During the preliminary hearing on Aug. 4, surveillance footage was shown to detail the incident where the defendant allegedly assaulted the complainant in a parking lot and took her rings and bag, which he later gave up.

The defendant did not know the complainant.

Also, a Metropolitan Police Department detective testified that the complainant was “conscious but unable to speak.”

The “video really speaks for itself here. The complainant could not stand up,” the prosecutor said. “She repeatedly fell asleep.” The complainant was administered NARCAN on the scene to wake her up. 

However, defense attorney Joseph Yarbough characterized the sequence of events differently.

“There is an absence of information of what actually happened in the alley,” Yarbough said.

Regarding the sexual assault charge, the videos are “without any information that there was a “no”.” Additionally, Yarbough rejected the idea that this was a robbery because it was not similar to other robberies as most times the defendant does not “take it and chill and wait for cops.”

Yarbough also highlighted Taylor’s character and involvement in a community program. Based on this absence of evidence he asked the court to not find probable cause. 

Judge Brandt said the video evidence was clear and that only the defendant was in control of his actions. She said the complainant would have fallen over if it was not for the support from the defendant. She said the woman was under the influence of something.

“She has no clue what is going on,” Judge Brandt said. “She is not in a position to consent to anything.” 

Furthermore, the detective said that when asked if she consented to what happened the complainant respondent, “hell no.” 

Concerning the robbery charge, Judge Brandt said, “he took property” and hid it on his person from the complainant and thus, it was a robbery. 

Judge Brandt ordered Taylor to be released from jail under the high intensity supervision program (HISP). He will be confined to his home and has a stay away from the location of the incident and the victim.