Stabbing Defendant Held in Jail

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DC Superior Court Judge Renee Raymond ruled to hold a stabbing defendant in jail while he awaits trial on June 21.

Jose Garcia Fuentes, 44, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for his alleged involvement in a stabbing on April 24 on the 4400 block of 14th Street, NW. 

During the hearing, a detective with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said he watched surveillance footage where he saw Fuentes stab a victim with a knife.

The detective also said police arrested Fuentes at his place of work on May 17. He said one of Fuentes’ colleagues said Fuentes came into work with two black eyes after the date of the incident.

According to court documents, Fuentes was at a restaurant where he began kicking another patron he had no connection with. The victim, an employee of the restaurant, decided to remove Fuentes from the restaurant by pushing him out the exit. Once outside the restaurant, Fuentes removed a “large” knife from his bag, slashing the victim across the face.

The victim refused medical attention and was not taken to the hospital, documents state. 

After the witness testimony, Fuentes’ defense attorney, Henry Escoto, said Fuentes was in an altercation with the victim and tried to defend himself with his knife. 

Escoto also said this hearing was “unfair” to him and Fuentes because they do not have access to the surveillance footage the detective discussed during his testimony. 

Escoto requested Fuentes be released from jail since his actions were in self defense, however the prosecution said Fuentes was a danger to the community because he attacked a random patron at the restaurant. 

Judge Raymond disagreed with Escoto’s statement that Fuentes stabbed the victim in self-defense. She said the reason the victim pushed him out of the restaurant was because Fuentes kicked another patron. 

Parties are set to reconvene in front of DC Superior Court Judge Errol R. Arthur on July 8.  

Notifications are not yet available for this specific case. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.