Stabbing Defendant’s Request For Release Amid Health Issues Denied

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DC Superior Court Judge Andrea Hertzfeld denied a stabbing defendant’s request for release during a July 9 hearing.

Hollyman McQueen, 59, is charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for his alleged involvement in a stabbing that occurred on May 8 at the Washington Nursing Facility on the 2400 block of 25th Street, SE.

According to court documents, McQueen was allegedly upset he got a roommate at the facility. The two got into a disagreement about the lighting in the room, and McQueen pushed the victim on his bed and stabbed him in the back of the knee. 

Henry Escoto, McQueen’s attorney, said McQueen should be released because he isn’t receiving the necessary healthcare that he needs at the jail. “He is not getting the same care he was getting at the nursing home,” said Escoto. 

Judge Hertzfeld asked the defense to file a written motion asking for the release of McQueen, denying the oral request.

During the hearing, McQueen also became angered and confused that Escoto was still on his case after he allegedly fired him. “What are you doing here,” said McQueen, adding “He’s fired.” 

Judge Hertzfeld stated that she would address McQueen getting a new defense attorney at the next hearing. 

“I don’t want to see his face no more,” McQueen said as he left the courtroom.

Parties are slated to meet July 23. 

Notifications are not yet available for this specific case. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.