Tracking Judges: Stats on Holds and Releases in August

During the month of August, DC Superior Court judges released 400 defendants and held 130 defendants in DC Jail during their initial hearings, according to D.C. Witness data.

An additional 73 defendants were released because their charges were dropped by the prosecution.

At most, judges held 28 percent of defendants during their initial hearings. 

In total, 24.5 percent of the defendants presented were held and 75.5 percent were released by the judges.

Of the 130 defendants held, DC Superior Court Judge James Crowell held 30 percent, DC Superior Court Judge McKenna held 26.2%, DC Superior Court Judge Robert Okun held 24.6 percent and DC Superior Court Judge Herrman held 19.2 percent.

Judge James Crowell held the second to lowest percentage of individuals compared to the other judges. Of the cases he heard, he only held 23.8 percent of defendants while releasing 76.2 percent.

Judge Heide Herrmann held the lowest percentage of defendants, holding 21.7 percent of the cases she heard and releasing 78.3 percent.

Judge Juliet McKenna held the highest percentage of defendants. In her courtroom, she held 28.1 percent of the cases and released 71.9 percent.

Finally, Judge Robert Okun held 24.6 percent of the defendants he heard and released 75.4 percent.

D.C. Witness follows the initial hearings every day in the DC Superior Court System, tracking all details of the defendants, including charges, pretrial release conditions, whether or not the defendant was on pretrial, probation or parole during the new alleged offense and whether or not COVID-19 plays a factor in whether the judge decides to release or hold them in DC Jail.

D.C. Witness previously wrote about the presentment hearings for June and July. The article can be read here.

*All figures in this article are approximate.

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