Trial date set for man accused of fatal shooting

A trial date of Feb. 5 has been set for the man accused of fatally shooting 21-year-old Ray Andre Harrison.

At a trial readiness hearing, in which both parties addressed final housekeeping procedures, on Jan. 25, Davon Peyton, 26, appeared in court before Judge Danya Dayson.

Police say Peyton shot Harrison in the chest on the 1300 block of Adams Street, NE on Nov. 13, 2015. Harrison was found around 2:30 a.m. and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Peyton has been charged with second-degree murder while armed.

Assistant United States Attorneys Katie Earnest and Jennifer Fischer, said the government was prepared to call between 15 and 20 witnesses to the stand. The attorneys said they anticipate the trial to last from a week to a week and a half.

Among the prosecution team’s witnesses is April Hill, a forensic scientist who will be training with the FBI in Boston during the week of Feb. 5. Earnest requested that she testify on Feb. 12.

In addition, Earnest said a medical examiner from Santa Clara, Calif., will serve as another expert witness.

Attorneys for Peyton, Joseph Wong and Matthew Davies said they plan to call up to four witnesses to the stand, anticipating a two day time frame.

The defense will call their DNA expert witness to the stand within the first week of trial, as he will be testifying in another case on Feb. 12.

Peyton rejected a plea deal that would’ve guaranteed a potential sentence anywhere from eight and a half to 13 years in prison.

Earnest said she plans to turn over witness DVDs and transcripts to the defense. She also shared that the government’s office is now in possession of Harrison’s clothing from the day he was killed.

According to Earnest, the government also intends to introduce more information about the relationship between Peyton and Harrison at the trial. The defense had no opposition.

The trial date is subject to change, as Judge Dayson has a trial starting next week that could take longer than expected. In the event that it does last longer, Judge Dayson said that jury selection could potentially be pushed to Feb. 6.