Two Domestic Violence Defendants Held During Presentments

A DC Superior Court judge held two domestic violence defendants during presentments on July 20.

Thirty-one defendants were presented in total. Five of them are charged in domestic violence cases.

A domestic violence defendant who was charged in a previous case with unlawful entry onto private property and Civil Protection Order (CPO) violation failed to appear for a hearing and was therefore held. 

Another second domestic violence defendant was charged with simple assault and CPO violation for allegedly violating his pretrial release orders in another case. He was held due to the alleged violation. 

Judge Renee Raymond scheduled the two defendants to return to court on Aug. 10. 

Three domestic violence defendants were released. Their charges include simple assault and destruction of property. They were all given stay away orders and are scheduled to return to court on Nov. 2. 

One domestic violence defendant’s presentment hearing was pushed to July 21 because he is in the hospital. The defendant is charged with simple assault and possession of a prohibited weapon.