Victim IDs Shooter Moments Before Dying, Detective Says

During a murder trial, a detective said a  victim identified his shooter moments before he succumbed to his injuries.

Andre Becton is charged with first-degree murder while armed and two gun related offenses for his alleged role in the death of 35-year-old Darnell Peoples on the 600 block of Mellon Street, SE in 2016.

During his testimony on March 26, a detective said he arrived on Mellon Street and found Peoples lying in front of a house with multiple gunshot wounds. The detective said Peoples identified “Dre” as the man who shot him. The victim also said “Dre” was from the Trenton Park neighborhood. 

One of the defendant’s friends also testified.

The friend said Becton, who goes by “Dre,” rode with him and another friend to Mellon Street on the night of Peoples’ murder. The friend said he stayed in the car, which was parked at a convenience store, while Becton walked down the street. Apparently, when Becton returned to the car, he asked his friend to drive him home.

The jury also heard from Peoples’ wife who said she spoke to Peoples hours before his murder. The wife said Peoples “seemed fine” over the phone. But, defense attorney Bernadette Armand said Peoples was under the influence of PCP, a mind-altering drug, at the time of his murder.  Armand said Peoples was agitated and combative with Becton.

D.C. Witness previously reported that Armand argued during her opening statement that Becton shot Peoples out of self defense. Armand pointed out that Peoples had multiple convictions for drug crimes and solicitation of sex.

The trial is set to continue on March 27.