Evidence at Trial Shows a Fight Before Homicide

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On Sept. 14, attorneys questioned witnesses in a 2020 homicide trial in front of DC Superior Court Judge Michael O’Keefe.

Ravel Mills, 29 is charged with first-degree murder, possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, and carrying a pistol without a license for his alleged involvement in the murder of 28-year-old Toussaunt Strong. The incident took place on the 3400 Block of 24th St, SE, on April, 18 2020. 

The prosecution showed video footage of an altercation between Strong and Mills that allegedly took place before the shooting. Strong was seen in the video jogging up the street being followed by an individual that people identified as Mills. 

One of Mills’ friends testified that he was with Mills before the argument and Mills mentioned he had a beef with a person who had dreadlocks though it wasn’t clear who the individual was.

The witness was asked by defense attorney Kevin Mosley about Mills and his habits. She stated that she had never seen Mills with a gun and that Mills was acting normal the day of the murder.

A forensic scientist was also questioned in court. The attorneys were inquiring about a jacket that matched the one Mills had on the day of the murder according to video evidence from the area. 

To conclude the day, parties questioned a Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer who worked in gun recovery. 

According to the MPD officer, he was the one who recovered the gun that Mills allegedly used to shoot Strong. However there is no DNA evidence being submitted by the prosecution in this case.

The trial will continue Sept. 18. 

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