Violation of Curfew Results in Home Confinement for Defendant

During a Sept. 22 hearing parties discussed a curfew violation committed by a homicide defendant.

Gerald Thomas, 19, is charged with second-degree murder while armed allegedly shooting 20-year-old Dasha Cleary.  The shooting occurred at the Days Inn Hotel located on the 4400 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW on Jan. 27.

The defendant was released under the High Intensity Supervision Program on April 8 with specific conditions such as GPS monitoring. 

According to defense attorney, Aubrey Dillon, the violation occurred on Aug. 22 when Thomas left his residence past curfew to get something to eat. He was pulled over in a traffic stop in Prince George County, Md. with two other individuals in the car. Large amounts of cocaine was found in the vehicle upon inspection by officers.  

The front passenger, who was on probation for carjacking, fled to a laundromat to evade police and hid his loaded gun inside one of the laundry machines.

Thomas was arrested and detained by officers from the Prince George’s Police Department. After being released, Thomas reported to his supervisor, Dillon said.  

Dillon said Thomas has no knowledge of the weapon and that there was no probable cause within the charges against him. 

However, the prosecution said Thomas was non-compliant with his conditions of release because he was apprehended with a convict carrying an illegal weapon, in a car with drugs and he missed his curfew.

Dillon stated the defendant has been compliant with his release since April. Thomas is enrolled in a school program, has a 3.0 GPA, and has family members supporting him. There were multiple family members in the courtroom and remotely logged in to the hearing.

DC Superior Court Judge Maribeth Raffinan sanctioned the defendant to 21 days in home confinement. 

Judge Raffinan scheduled the next hearing for Oct. 14. 

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