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D.C. Witness is not a political or partisan organization.

Instead, we believe in data. The cold, hard facts. 

During this political season, one thing resonates — the drive to keep residents informed. 

D.C. Witness collects data on all crime cases in Washington, DC for two reasons: to inform the community about what is happening and to provide one location where crime data can be collated to show big pictures on small subsects of the city. 

Fact: There were 30 homicides in DC last month, one less than Baltimore. In 2020 there have been approximately 125 homicides in the District, nearly a 7 percent increase from the same time period in 2019. 

 So far this year, 62 suspects have been arrested. But, a suspect has not been apprehended in 76 of the homicides that have occurred this year with police still searching for two suspects connected to two fatal shootings. 

With a rising homicide count that seems to be getting more and more out of control, and a fiery population demanding police reform, especially in the midst of an uncertain pandemic, D.C. Witness is standing up to offer a path to creating a solution to reduce crime. 

Something needs to be done. Some assurance made during a time when so many hang on the edges. 

This is not the beginning of a backslide. This city, our city, will overcome the upward trend. It just needs a little push.

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