Judge Revokes Pretrial Release

On July 31, a DC Superior Court judge held a defendant who allegedly violated his pretrial release conditions.

Mark Anthony, who is also known as Huber Frescas, is charged with stalking, unlawful entry onto private property and destruction of property less than $1,000. He is accused of breaking into a victim’s home on the 4900 block of 1st Street, NW in the early morning hours of June 20 after having stalked her since May 9.

Anthony, 39, was arrested again and detained in DC Jail for this case since July 16. 

The defendant allegedly violated a stay away order by appearing outside the victim’s window, expressing anger with her for his arrest.

Defense attorney Gregg Baron argued for his client’s release, saying that the defendant has a place to stay in Maryland and is relatively confident he can gain employment at a construction company. He also argued that Anthony’s time in detention helped him understand the consequences of his actions.

However, Judge Jonathan Pittman denied Baron’s request.

“In this case, a stay away is absolutely critical and he just ignored it,” Judge Pittman said.

Anthony’s next court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 1. 

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