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Document: Police Investigate 3 Homicides in DC Friday

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating three...

Judge Sets Hearing for Murder Defendant

DC Superior Court Judge Julie Becker set...

Crime Alerts: July 10

The Metropolitan Police Department sent out seven...

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D.C. Witness Report: Homicide Defendants and Pretrial Release

Judges didn’t release as many homicide defendants...

Law Intended to Confiscate Guns From Dangerous Individuals Goes Largely Unused

In January, the District of Columbia followed...

Defense Accuses Detectives of Misgendering Murder Defendant

A defense attorney raised concerns about a lead detective...

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Police Release Video of Suspect of Interest in Hit and Run

The police are asking for the public's...

Victim’s 7 Y/O Sister Testifies in Murder Trial

During a murder trial Sept. 18, a victim’s seven-year-old...

Judge Says Evidence Shows Murder Defendant Needs to be Held in Jail

A murder defendant, who is claiming self defense, is...

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Editor's Corner

Knight Grant Supports D.C. Witness’ Mission for Transparency

America is speaking, and it is saying...

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As D.C. Witness increases its content, a new section will display a note from the editor on the week's homicides. This note will not only serve as an analytical point for the editor, but also put some of the site's news content into perspective. Thank you.  -- D.C. Witness Editorial team

Calendar of Court Proceedings

DC Jail Inmates with COVID-19
11 Inmates at DC Jail are in isolation after being diagnosed with COVID-19 as of June 4.

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