Almost All DC Superior Court Cases Were Bond Reviews

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There were 24 criminal cases being heard in DC Superior Court, all but two were bond review hearings.

Even though there were 25 criminal cases, there were only 12 defendants. Multiple defendants had more than one case on the DC Superior Courts Criminal Division Calendar.

On April 10, three defendants were released from jail, including Tamika Green, Travis Russell, and Bruce Ross.

The judge denied release for six defendants, Javon Gunter, Herman Williams, Zaid Morgan, Aaron Williams, Teela Lott and Vincente Tillman. Lott’s case was continued so that the judge who has presided over her case could make the release decision.

David Brown received a reduce sentence as was put on supervised release.

The two hearings that were not bond review hearings were a status hearing for Javlin Patterson and a probation show cause hearing for Andy Williams.

Although the calendar shows that Williams was scheduled for a hearing on April 10, the site does not indicate that a hearing was schedule or took place. Williams was sentenced for second-degree theft on April 10, 2018. His sentence was for about 6-months, 180 days, with a restitution fee of $270. A court date is not listed on DC Courts.

Patterson was scheduled for a status hearing on April 10. He was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

His case was closed after he was picked up.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the DC Superior Court is only operating four courtrooms to hear adult arraignments and presentments; family court emergencies; neglect and juvenile hearings; criminal and domestic violence emergencies; and civil, probate and tax emergencies. Most of the hearings are being conducted remotely.

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