Defendant Pleads Guilty in  Sexual Assault Case  

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On March 6, DC Superior Court Judge Anthony Epstein accepted a defendant’s guilty plea for assault with the intent to commit third-degree sexual abuse. 

Talib Kudsy was originally charged with assault with intent to commit first-degree sexual abuse, burglary, and third-degree sexual abuse by use of force. The charges are regarding his alleged entry to an unlocked apartment on the 100 block of I Street, SE. 

Defense attorney Todd S. Baldwin stated that the defense agreed to enter an Alford Plea. 

With the Alford plea, Kudsy pleaded guilty to the charge, but also maintained his innocence in regards to the accusation. 

Baldwin read to the court the plea offered by the prosecution, which included a guilty plea to a third-degree sexual assault, three years in prison, a $12,500 fine, up to 10 years supervised release, and a requirement to register as a sex offender in exchange for the dismissal of other charges along with any future enhancement.  

He also requested that the defendant be mentally examined before his sentencing date.

 Judge Epstien granted the request 

According to a proffer of facts, after entering the apartment the defendant walked into the victim’s room, touched her on her inner thigh, and attempted to climb into bed with her and assault her. 

After that, the victim started screaming and that’s when the 24-hour home nurse went in and stopped him. The nurse was employed to assist the victim who is a double amputee. 

According to court documents, the defendant was intoxicated when he was found by Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers. He also made sexual comments to the female officers while in jail. 

The defendant was described as “unmanageable” by the DC Jail, documents state. 

Kudsy’s sentencing date is scheduled for June 9.  

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