Man Killed in Officer-Involved Shooting

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Chief Robert J. Contee III informed the public of an officer-involved shooting on Oct. 18 that resulted in the death of a 30-year-old man.

Just after 11:00 p.m. on Oct. 16, police received a report alleging that 30-year-old Deandre Johnson had placed a firearm to a woman’s head and threatened her. Contee said there was a prior history of domestic violence between the two. Officers searched Johnson’s vehicle and found a pistol and extended magazine. Johnson was not on the scene and no arrest was made.   

On Oct. 18 at about 4:35 p.m., officers responded to an apartment complex on the 1300 block of Congress Street, SE, to serve Johnson with a Temporary Protective Order, according to a press release.

After entering the apartment, officers decided to arrest Johnson for assault with a dangerous weapon. 

After an officer began to place Johnson in handcuffs, he allegedly resisted, resulting in what Contee called “an intense physical struggle.” During the struggle, an officer’s Body Worn Camera (BWC) became deactivated and later reactivated.

Contee said he’s had the opportunity to watch BWC footage and receive an initial briefing from investigating officials.

“Based upon initial interviews, it was reported that Mr. Johnson grabbed one of the officer’s firearms while in the holster,” Contee said. “It can be heard on the Body Worn Camera on officer stating, ‘he’s got my’ while almost simultaneously an officer discharged their weapon, striking Mr. Johnson in the back.”

However, Contee said that the BWC footage does not “conclusively” show Johnson grabbing the gun from the officer’s holster.

Johnson did not have any weapons on him and no guns were found in the apartment, Contee said. 

The incident is currently under investigation by the US attorney’s office and the three officers involved in the incident are on administrative leave.