Judge Acknowledges Domestic Violence Defendant’s History During Sentencing

A domestic violence defendant was sentenced to three years for a drug charge and an assault charge involving his former girlfriend. During the sentencing, DC Superior Court Judge Michael O’Keefe acknowledged what in the defendant’s life lead up to his actions.

Brian Littles was originally charged with assault with a dangerous weapon for pointing a gun at his former girlfriend while she was driving. In September, he pleaded guilty to simple assault and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

During the Nov. 23 hearing, Judge O’Keefe sentenced Littles to 180 days for the assault charge and 30 months for the drug charge.

“An important part of your youth will be spent behind bars,” Judge O’Keefe told him.

After the assault, Littles’ girlfriend was able to alert police and Littles told them he did not have a gun. After searching the vehicle, Metropolitan Police Department officers found the gun and Littles fled. Littles later went to his girlfriend’s apartment and attempted to gather his items. Officers responded to the apartment and located a Briar’s ice cream tub filled with crack cocaine that Littles was attempting to gather along with his belongings.

Defense attorney Damon Catacalos said Littles is a very intelligent man and was very helpful throughout the case. He noted how Littles’ did well academically in high school and said he will learn his lesson as a result of this sentence.

Judge O’Keefe noted Littles’ previous criminal record and pending charges in other jurisdictions at the time of the offense. He questioned how he was able to commit the offenses with so much at stake due to these other charges, but did not doubt that Littles’ is a smart individual.

Littles’ prison sentence will be followed by five years of supervised release. He will receive credit for time served.

“Good luck, sir, I hope this changes you,” Judge O’Keefe said at the end of the hearing.