Victim’s Grandmother Asks Judge to Reconsider Murder Defendant’s Confinement

Through a passionate statement to a DC Superior Court judge, the grandmother of a homicide victim appealed Nov. 8 for the confinement of one of the defendant’s charged in connection with her grandson’s murder.

Shaniah Davis is charged with being an accessory after the fact. According to a grand jury, Davis allegedly hid evidence and knowingly assisted John McRae with concealing the shooting of McMillan. McRae is charged with first-degree murder while armed for allegedly shooting 22-year-old Marty McMillan on the 2600 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE in 2017. 

“She lured him in [and] put him in danger,” McMillan’s grandmother told the judge.  “How do we say this woman is not a danger to society?” The victim’s grandmother also said that as long as Davis remained released, what happened to her grandson could happen to someone else.

Even though Davis was released on personal recognizance on Oct. 1, the prosecution used the status hearing to request that Judge Craig Iscoe reconsider holding her in the DC Jail. McRae, 41, is currently being held at the jail without bond.

Judge Iscoe acknowledged McMillan’s grandmother’s statement, however, due to Davis’ clean record and cooperation with release conditions, he said he could not hold her in jail.

A status hearing is scheduled on Jan. 18, 2019. Continue following D.C. Witness for updates on the case. 

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